covet: my space

my day job is in architecture.  in many ways it's my dream job.  still, i can't help but fantasize about my design job.  you know, my own space where i can spend hours exploring the creative.  art, textiles, graphics... it would be my little design haven, DIY Central.  I imagine the space to be something like this...

Kithaus by Tom Sandonato & Martin Wehmann
Design Within Reach

Dwell Magazine, Mark Compton Photo


etc: unhappy hipsters

I have a subscription to Dwell Magazine.  Great architecture, great magazine.  The photos on their own, however, can be a bit stark.  Enter Unhappy Hipsters.  Good for a laugh.

"Not on the grass, Sweetie.  Never.  On.  The.  Grass.
See how much fun Daddy is having?"

covet: digital slr camera

nikon d3100
I've always been interested in photographic composition and have made the most of my little point-and-shoot.  Recently, i got the opportunity to take project photo's for my company's new website and got my first taste of SLR.  Once you go SLR, you don't go back.  And while it seems like everyone is an aspiring would-be photographer these days, i still can't help but think of how much better my photos would-be if i was the owner of a digital SLR.... oh the possibilities...


swatch: pinnacles

Took a day trip up to Pinnacles National Monument over labor day weekend.  I was reminded of how many great textures can be found in nature.  A few of my shots are shown here.  Love how the neutral palette showcases the patterns and characteristics of the surface....

profile: eames

I'm reading An Eames Primer and am fully in awe of this "power couple".  Beyond their contributions to architecture (Case Study House #8), furniture (Eames Lounge Chair) and other mediums such as film, this book gives insight to their personal relationship.  Ray & Charles, together, were purely magic in both the personal and professional realms.

Best book I have read in a long long time - can hardly put it down...


swatch: argyle

this once deemed "preppy" pattern has been reinvented to be quite fun when done in a cute shoe, fresh stationary, trendy luggage, or (my personal fav) arygle dog collars and leashes.